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As a monk, can I use Deflect Missiles to protect my ally?

Rules-As-Written, you can't catch an arrow that is aimed at another Your quoted text is pretty explicit about it, you have to be the target and you have to get hit in order to use the feature, that ...
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Can a 6th level monk choose to not deal magical damage with unarmed strikes?

Ki-Empowered Strikes aren't magical attacks to begin with! Ki-Empowered Strikes state this explicitly: your unarmed strikes count as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity ...
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Do monks have an off hand and disadvantage attacking with it?

No. There is no handed-ness in D&D, so characters do not have a dominant and weak hand. (Unless the player narrates them as such) In addition, even when wielding two weapons, you don't have ...
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How can I increase my Monk's unarmed damage?

You need to read the book Your original post shows that you're new to the game (which is fine), but your issues with your class are due mostly to you not understanding the class's purpose and ...
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Can a rogue/Kensei monk use Sneak Attack with a Kensei weapon?

No, this is a converse error Your logic is something like this: Sneak Attack […] The attack must use a finesse […] weapon. (Player’s Handbook, pg. 96) Finesse. When making an attack with a finesse ...
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Can a monk, falling with an enemy they have grappled, use their slow fall ability to reduce their falling damage and not that of the enemy?

Yes, because Slow Fall is just a figurative name As clarified in the Sage Advice Compendium, in response to a question about mage armor: Some spells and class features have figurative, not literal, ...
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Aside from flavor, is there any benefit to a Monk striking multiple targets?

If we only think about dealing damage, you are correct that killing one target is better than damaging many targets. Spreading your damage out between four attackers causes the party to take damage ...
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Can unarmed strike work with a rogue's sneak attack?

Strictly by Rules as Written and Intended, no. By RAW, no. What you ruled doesn't work. Let's look at the important passages from the skills involved. Martial Arts: You can use Dexterity instead of ...
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Does ki count as magic for the purpose of an antimagic field, or is it only fluff?

"Magical Effects" and "multiverse" are keywords / themes to resolve this Short Answer: Ki creates magical effects that are subject to Antimagic Field's effects. Discussion In the boxed section ...
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Can I knock myself prone? Do I have to spend any movement to do so?

You can drop prone for free From the Basic Rules and Player's Handbook (page 190) on being prone: You can drop prone without using any of your speed.
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Can a Monk "turn off" the Tongue of the Sun and Moon feature?

Yes When you 'learn to do' something that doesn't mean that you are forced to do it. The ability makes it clear that you are merging your ki to translate the message, and just because you know how ...
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Does using an Animated Shield count as 'wielding a shield' for Unarmored Defense?

The Animated Shield says that it protects you as if you were wielding it. This strongly implies that you aren't wielding it. The Monk's Unarmored Defense feature works while you are wearing no ...
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Does ki count as magic for the purpose of an antimagic field, or is it only fluff?

No, it is not magical Jeremy Crawford clarified this point on Twitter, using Sage Advice to support it. It is "background magic" similar to the breath weapon of a dragon. Grant Myers @...
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Do the Gloves of Missile Snaring work in conjunction with the Monk's Deflect Missiles ability?

According to the description of reactions (PHB 190): When you take a reaction, you can't take another one until the start of your next turn. Both use your reaction. As you only have 1 reaction ...
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Do gauntlets count as armor?

The Gauntlets aren't armor Every magic item has a category they belong to: Each magic item belongs to a category: armor, potions, rings, rods, scrolls, staffs, wands, weapons, or wondrous items. ...
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Does a monk decide to use their reaction on the Slow Fall feature after falling damage is rolled?

You must use your reaction as you fall. After taking damage, you are no longer falling. The trigger is specific: you can use your reaction when you fall You take falling damage when you hit the ...
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Can a monk-barbarian benefit from Reckless Attack & Rage damage if he chooses Dexterity for his attacks?

No, because the weapon isn't using Strength any more. Down in the Making An Attack section (PHB p193-194) we get this... Ability Modifier. The ability modifier used for a melee weapon attack is ...
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Does a monk decide to use their reaction on the Slow Fall feature after falling damage is rolled?

You use your reaction when you fall, before damage is rolled The trigger for Slow Fall's reaction is "when you fall". This trigger occurs as soon as you find out you are falling, not after ...
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How to play as a dual-wielding monk?

Have you considered visiting Flavor Town? What I mean is the base monk already does what you want mechanically, and just needs a little adjustment thematically. The monk already gets four attacks at ...
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What are the restrictions of an unarmed strike?

The monk's Martial Arts feature reads: When you use the Attack action with an unarmed strike or monk weapon on your turn, you can make one unarmed strike as a bonus action. On page 195 of the PHB, ...
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How far can a 9th level monk move along a vertical surfaces and across liquids without falling?

The monk must end its movement for each turn on solid ground or fall. Unarmored Movement, PHB p. 78, emphasis mine: At 9th level, you gain the ability to move along vertical surfaces and across ...
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Can a monk make a bonus unarmed attack after using shocking grasp?

No. The Monk feature says that you can use the bonus action Unarmed strike after you use the Attack action with a Monk weapon or Unarmed strike. Shocking Grasp requires the Cast a Spell action, which ...
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When a monk mitigates all the damage due to the Slow Fall feature, does he/she still fall prone?

No You do not land prone when you reduce the damage to zero. You've basically answered your own question with this PHB quote (page 183, "Falling"): The creature lands prone, unless it avoids ...
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Can Monk Unarmored Movement walk/run through the rain?

You cannot move across the rain A definition for the English word "across" is: From one side to the other of (a place, area, etc.) To move across a liquid would thus require you to go from ...
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Would the AC from a Sorcerer's Draconic Resistance combine with a Monk's Unarmoured Defence?

No Both of these class features give you a different way to calculate your AC and according the page 14 of the PHB: Some spells and class features give you a different way to calculate your AC. If ...
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How can I make perpetually hovering not broken?

To have your player permanently hovering silently would be a significant advantage for that player and be very unbalanced, it would stop creatures with tremor sense detecting that character, ...
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Can Monks cast spells?

Characters can only cast spells if they have a feature that allows them to The base Monk class does not have a Spellcasting feature, so if you're able to cast spells as a Monk, it needs to have come ...
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Can Monk Unarmored Movement walk/run through the rain?

You'd need your monk to have a move speed of over 500'. Even if it did allow you to step on raindrops, you have to remember that in D&D falling happens instantly OR 500'/round depending on how ...
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How many unarmed strikes can a Monk make between Flurry of Blows and Martial Arts?

You can only either Flurry of Blows or take the unarmed strike from Martial Arts. Either the additional unarmed strike from Martial Arts or the two strikes granted by Flurry of Blows use a bonus ...
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