TL;DR, Yes Steve Kenson replied on December 3rd: I did most of the design work on M&M 3e/DC Adventures, in collaboration with developer Jon Leitheusser.


Equipment can be destroyed or stolen by enemy action (Disarm, Smash, etc.) with impunity. The quoted sections highlight that if the GM takes away the equipment by fiat, declaring that it is out of fuel or has broken down, then that is a Complication. Because the GM declared a normal resource unavailable to make the scene more difficult.


It looks like they have it both ways. In the section entitled "Damage and Loss", they have the original 2E text: Equipment is subject to damage, malfunctions, and loss, even more so than devices with the Removable flaw (see the flaw description in Powers). Equipment may be lost or taken away from the character with impunity, and the GM may have equipment ...


Like any Area attack, it allows a Dodge resistance to mitigate the effect. Which you noted in the question. Most anti-gravity effects are Move Object (as Sean Duggan noted), which can be resisted with Strength or Dodge (per Grab attacks in the Action & Adventure Chapter). For a Flight effect, you'll need to choose an appropriate resistance. If the ...


since Atomic Think Tank is gone you can find them here Version 1.28 (Excel 97-2003 Compatible) http://www.box.net/shared/b4m59seun0 Version 1.28 (Excel 2007) http://www.box.net/shared/fmm1s56ip7

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