For questions specifically about problems inherent to becoming or tutoring a game master (GM). This tag is not for just saying "I am a new GM": see the full tag wiki for important usage notes.

This tag is for questions about the problems inherent in someone being new to the game master (GM) role.

Tagging guidance

Use this tag when the problem is inherently about being new to GMing, not just when the problem is caused by or the result of being new to GMing.

If the problem is about some other aspect of running roleplaying games, and being new to GMing is why you don't know the answer, don't use . Instead, use a tag that describes the problem you're experiencing. In particular, questions about how a game works should have the tag for that game system, and don't need this tag.

Or: if a relatively seasoned GM might experience your problem, it's not a question.

If in doubt, leave it out!

Other subject tags

There are a few other "new to RPGs" tags that are more specific, and when they apply they should be used instead of :

  •  — For questions about how to learn or teach a particular game or system. (Not used when just asking for rules clarifications.)
  •  — For questions about or asking for specific techniques to achieve specific effects, used while GMing.
  •  — For questions about preparing yourself and your materials for a game session.
  •  — Whether a new or experienced GM, preparing a campaign is a whole topic on its own.
  •  — Everyone is new to designing/writing adventures at some point, even experienced GMs.
  •  — For asking questions about a GM who may be causing or connected to conflicts in the gaming group, regardless of whether the GM is new or not.
  •  — For questions about participants in an RPG who, for whatever reason, contribute to the difficulty of running the game.
  •  — Use this tag for questions about game-participant dynamics. This may include trying to figure out how to pick your GM or how to manage changing GMs.