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New girl gamer in our D&D group is causing weird tension - what to do?

Since I started DMing D&D a long, long time ago, I found that the dynamics of a mixed group of male ande female players is a tad different from a one-sex only group of players. This is purely ...
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Can a raging barbarian carry live rabbits to kill them, in order to keep his rage going?

No, that's not how rage works. Murdering random rabbits does not fuel rage. A barbarian's rage works as follows: It ends early if you are knocked unconscious or if your turn ends and you haven't ...
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How do I rein in a player who talks over my descriptions?

"Excuse me. Please be quiet. I haven't finished speaking, when I have you can talk as much as you want." This isn't a game problem, its a manners problem.
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Can I begin roleplaying if I'm visually impaired?

Absolutely Here's the bare minimum you need to successfully join the roleplaying hobby: At least one other willing person Mutual communication That's it, full stop. The complexity and bar to entry ...
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New girl gamer in our D&D group is causing weird tension - what to do?

In game It is not an in-game problem. It needs to be solved out of game… Well, kinda. Her character being weaker might mean that she is over compensating and solution to this problem here. Meta ...
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How to deal with a player who refuses to learn the description of their spells and abilities?

Guide him to a simpler class, or lay down the law It sounds like your problem-player has a lot of faults: he is disorganized, forgetful, and not really invested in learning the rules of this game. ...
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How does GMing a game for middle-schoolers differ from older and younger players?

Since you asked for anecdotes: I had a pre-teen player join my table once (he was the son of one of the other players) and his character concept was just a mary-sue as you fear. He basically wanted ...
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Need out-of-game solution for spell choice paralysis

When I had a new player start playing with us about 6 months ago, she had this exact problem. My solution was two-fold. Reduce the number of options She wanted to play a druid, so there were lots of ...
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How can I help players learn to tell apart the standard polyhedral dice?

Short answer: really, practice is the only answer It's like any kind of memorization task, eventually you're going to get it, and you'll have trouble until then. But there are ways to make the ...
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How do I rein in a player who talks over my descriptions?

You've tried talking to them, but that didn't help. Try to improve how you describe the scene instead. You say they talk over you when you narrate how an enemy is close by? So narrate that last... ...
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How can we kick our novice roleplayer out of the group for being a poor match, without alienating them from the hobby?

I would simply run the current campaign to a quick but satisfying conclusion, then reform the group under a new campaign without the difficult player. I've done this several times in real life with no ...
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Should I boost a new player's character level to match the rest of the group?

Yes, you should boost their character level Heterogeneous parties don't work very well in DnD. The game is designed around the whole party being roughly the same level. When you give the new player ...
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I saved my players from a tough battle, what now?

The Sword of Teamwork and The Hammer of Not Bickering Your party is in the middle of a classic movie plot, where the team has an initial setback caused by a failure to work together effectively. Take ...
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What's the simplest class for a child?

The Fighter is a simple, easy to play class The Fighter is traditionally the simplest class available in D&D, which holds true in 5th edition. It is generally well suited to new players as it's ...
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How to deal with a player who refuses to learn the description of their spells and abilities?

If some of the other answers don't let you figure out the root of the problem and get him more involved in the non-roleplay segments, that's fine. Roll with it. As long as he has a sense of humour ...
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How do you teach someone else how to play D&D?

Play the game Just play. Give the person a pregen character for the first couple of sessions (something simple, Champion Fighter for example) and just let them play. Don't worry about rules, just ask ...
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Player wants to play a Stock broker / Trader. How do I Implement a lightweight trading system?

I would not attempt to design a stock market trading system unless you and a majority of the players are personally interested in historical trading enough to put a lot of work in. It's a complex ...
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How can you make character creation simpler?

One option I have tried with success is to leave as many choices as possible out of initial character creation, only making them when they become relevant in the game. This gets you into the action ...
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How to handle players who make unmotivated characters

Your players are telling you that they might not want to adventure. First and foremost, ask your players if this is the case before acting on advice from random strangers on the internet. It appears ...
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Can I begin roleplaying if I'm visually impaired?

TL;DR: To accommodate for the visual parts of roleplaying, either abolish them or prepare for them in advance. The majority of roleplaying is oral. You can do that. I've now been playing RPGs for 2 ...
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How to guide my players into realizing they have multiple options available for an encounter?

As these are all new players, there's nothing wrong with a bit of "out-of-game" DM guidance at these early stages. After describing the situation you can simply say: "What you do now is your choice. ...
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How can I explain how to play D&D to new players without them falling asleep from boredom?

Best way to learn is to do, in my experience. I've DMed for a number of groups that have never played before (with players from age 11 to age 56(!!)), and in my experience, they really struggle to ...
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How should I introduce map drawing to my players?

I recommend not forcing your players to draw maps From everything I have experienced with players new and old, having players make the maps doesn't work well and I would recommend not doing it at your ...
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New girl gamer in our D&D group is causing weird tension - what to do?

It is super hard to make recommendations not knowing the dynamics of your group... Sometimes it just doesn't work... Just to pick out one particular detail: And moreover, her character is a level ...
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How can I convince new players to read and learn the basic rules before sitting down to play?

I think that if your players say that they learn by doing then it is a good idea to listen to them. Otherwise you will just end up banging your head against a brick wall. The dynamic of every table ...
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How can we kick our novice roleplayer out of the group for being a poor match, without alienating them from the hobby?

Ultimately, one cannot be held responsible for how people react. However, there are good, indifferent, and bad ways to part company that do influence how people might react. First and foremost ...
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Am I acting unreasonably or do I rein in my players?

The campaign is following Matt Mercer's Taldorei setting and using gestalt characters. If you aren't an experienced DM, don't try to be Matt Mercer Grow into your boots as a DM. We have some other ...
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How do you help a new player evaluate complex multiclassing options without driving them and yourself crazy?

The Simple Answer Simply, you don't. It's the players' responsibility to learn the rules and build their characters. You as DM have enough on your plate without running the players through a dozen ...
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How do I deal with a powergamer in a game full of beginners in a school club?

There are several issues with this player, so let's split this into manageable chunks: Pushy player Telling other players what to do is simply not acceptable. This rule should be stated clearly, and ...
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New player decision paralysis

Psychology The phenomenon of overchoice may be the root of the problem. Particularly for a new player having a large number of options for her character to take is not helpful. Since you specifically ...
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