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What are the official paragon paths of the Avenger class?

This is the kind of thing that can be answered by looking at the online Compendium, which you can search even without a DDI subscription. By searching Avenger and selecting Paragon Paths, a list is ...
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Can an Elemental Tempest Genasi switch between any different Manifestations when he uses an action point?

An Elemental Tempest can choose any standard manifestation when they use an action point. From the FRPG, p53 (emphasis mine): Elemental Surge: Whenever you spend an action point to take an extra ...
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Am I misreading the effect-cancelling part of Warforged Juggernaut's Crag of Steel power, or is it meant to be extremely limited?

You are correct. That particular function of Crag of Steel if going to be fairly limited outside of specific party compositions (mainly ones that include PCs who give direct damage penalties or non-...
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D&D 4e Wayfarer's Step

It's teleport 2 then walk 4, yes. When a creature combines movement modes [...] two rules govern the combination. Use Highest Speed: The highest speed among the movement modes used determines the ...
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