Polaris is a GMless (and almost fortune-less) tragedy RPG written by Ben Leheman, focused on exploring the woes of a chivalric society on the verge of inevitable destruction.

Long Ago the People Were Dying at the End of the World...

Polaris is a game of chivalric tragedy at the utmost north designed for a group of exactly four players (though 3 and 5 are also possible). Set upon "a snowflake melting beneath a demonic sun, doomed by the foolishness of its own people", players each take on four different roles (protagonist, antagonists, and two separate 'secondary character' roles) with the seating arrangement determining who plays what role for a given protagonist.

Polaris is GMless and nearly diceless, with rules based off of the invocation of certain key literary phrases and the checking off of fate-like aspects.

Protagonists in Polaris are tragic heroes, and the game takes a fairly small number of sessions (at most ~27 times 'checking experience', which happens at a rate dependent on player caution but usually at least once a session per protagonist, and at least ~14 times checking experience) to complete. The protagonists must inevitably die or betray their people, and the game chronicles their journeys to their inevitable ends.

..But all that was long ago, and there are none who now remember it.