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Is the price of a waterskin mentioned anywhere?

Just after posting this question a friend sends me a message saying that he's found the 2022 errata of the The Witcher Tabletop RPG, and in it the waterskin is listed as having been added to the ...
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What is the price for a non-empty spellbook?

No guidance is given Filled spellbooks do not have a defined value but, contrary to the linked Paizo forum post, they are intended to be sold. The GM should determine the value of a spellbook when (...
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Downtime Business Plan Help?

Your DM can use the rules for downtime in the DMG Maybe unsurprisingly for a game targeted at an audience that may include minors, there are no specific prices for prostitutes, high-end or otherwise, ...
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Is there a price list for goods outside of the core book?

4th Ed There are certain items that are not in the core book, and only come with the supplements, but they don't fit the Miscellaneous Equipment category. All non-magical equipment I could find is ...
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Can the sapphire crushed as part of the Drawmij's Instant Summons spell be mended and sold for the original price?

Mending Won't, but Fabricate Might Here is the related quotation (emphasis mine): Fabricate. You convert raw materials into products of the same material. For example, you can fabricate a wooden ...
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Are there any prices given for the Tomes of Clear Thought, Leadership, and Influence?

About 50,000 gp, maybe more if priced for power The other answers already addressed how these items would be priced as Very Rare magic items by the official rules 50,000 gp (crafting, DMG p. 129; ...
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