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Is this "Parrotfolk" Homebrew race balanced?

This is balanced Using Detect Balance to score this (see here for qualifiers on that approach), where between 24 and 27 points is considered balanced, PH races average 25 points. Bog standard stuff (+...
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What is the rule with Locathahs and Dhampirs? Can it bypass the water breathing?

The Locathah’s Limited Amphibiousness trait is totally replaced by the Dhampir traits. The ancestral legacy trait states: If you replace a race with this lineage, you can keep the following elements ...
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Which races existed before the gods?

Likely none; in the Forgotten Realms, aboleths are only said to be older than 'most' gods, and may never have had an empire of slaves Technically, the 5e Monster Manual entry's phrasing leaves some ...
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