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How do I get players to invest in their character concept and stop making new PCs?

If possible, work with them—for some players, planning the character is the fun part of the game. (To be clear, this isn't the right fit for every group, and possibly not for the original question, ...
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How can I DM a character with more social skills than me?

Ask your players to help you fill in the blanks, and give them an opportunity for characterization. Part of these characters being charismatic means they're able to intuit how best to convince someone,...
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How to use charisma in role play mechanics?

This is largely a matter of personal style, and 5e is particularly vague on what the "recommended" way to go about this is. However, from my own experience running games, I can give one ...
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How to use charisma in role play mechanics?

The way your DM handled this is fine You both got a great result on your skill roll and you made a credible roleplaying effort, but this does not give you a free pass to dictate what a monster or NPC ...
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