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How can I make sure my Roll For Shoes character gets XP or new skills?

In order to guarantee you get XP or skills in Roll For Shoes, you'll have to cheat. That's the proper term for influencing a random system to come out the way you want, right? "Cheat"? If ...
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Who gets exp when a player does something opposed to another player?

When players' characters actively oppose each other they're both just making regular skill rolls that we handle as normal: Say what you do and roll a number of d6s. In this case the thing ...
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Using minifigures with Roll for Shoes?

To answer your question, yes it should be possible to make a system that is stable that allows for movement and health. You are going to need to decide how you are going do the mechanics and then ...
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In Roll for Shoes Prison Module, how much hp should each character have?

I spoke with the creator of the module on facebook; he said he'd set it to about 3 or 4, because the module is meant to be survivable easily for new players. Err on the side of 4, and there are ...
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How can I make sure my Roll For Shoes character gets XP or new skills?

You can't make sure of it As Glazius explains in their answer, this ultimately depends on random, and thus the only way to make sure of it would be cheating But you can improve your odds In Roll For ...
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Is this social reputation point system balanced?

Is it balanced? Well, it's not horribly unbalanced, which is really the best that can be said for Roll for Shoes. RfS is not really a system that strives for perfect balance in the first place. In ...
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