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Scion is a three-book modern fantasy RPG by White Wolf and Onyx Path. Players are mortal children of gods, and act as their agents in struggles against the Titans and other supernatural beings.

Scion is a three-part modern/urban fantasy game created by White Wolf Publishing. The first game, Scion: Hero, was released in 2007.

In Scion, players take the parts of the children of the gods of mythology, sired in order to be their parents' agents in the war against their ancient enemies — the Titans. The characters are meant to grow in power, leading into the other two books of the series: Scion: Demigod, and Scion: God.

The game covers a wide mix of pantheons — ancient Egypt, Greek, Norse, Aztec, Shinto, Loa, Celtic, China, Deva, and many more. Instructions are also included for constructing custom pantheons.

The game is now published by Onyx Path.

The game uses a variation on the Storyteller system used by White Wolf in most of its supplements, scaled to be able to represent a more epic level of power.

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