The third edition of the popular Cyberpunk/Fantasy mash-up Shadowrun was published in 1998. Third was the last edition before the major rules overhaul in 4th edition.

The third incarnation of Shadowrun takes place in the year 2065. Magic has been re-awakened. Cyber and bioware implants give people amazing capabilities, while the wireless Matrix seamlessly integrates a global virtual reality with the physical world.

Humans, elves, dwarves, orks and trolls populate Earth, and in Shadowrun technology and magic coexist. Creatures from myth and legend are real, magicians of many types wield tremendous power, and megacorporations, tribal governments, and the remnants of old nations fight for supremacy.

Shadowrunners do the dirty work for these powerful actors, scratching out an existence on the mean streets. They make data grabs, kidnap corporate defectors, infiltrate high-security research facilities, get to the bottom of mysteries, fight other-worldly threats, and uncover secrets not meant to be known.

Shadowrun 3 was published in 1998 by FASA, five years after the publication of Shadowrun second edition. This would mark the last edition under the FASA brand.

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