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Are skill challenges an official option or homebrewed?

Skills challenges are a common homebrew mechanic A skill challenge involves a series of ability checks where the cumulative result determines the outcome, rather than any individual check. They are a ...
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Results of a set of Skill Challenges being invalidated by the DM, is this fair as designed or were the outcomes just poorly defined?

Railroading is not OK From your description, it sounds as if you succeeded at the skill challenge, which the DM allowed as the only course of action that could influence the outcome We end up using ...
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Are ability scores ever rolled for checks?

Generally, No It's hard to prove a negative across all rulebooks and APs, but I've never seen anything official call for any sort of check like this. You could easily homebrew it as you describe, but ...
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How can my heroic tier PC contribute more during skill challenges?

The Things You Have Set You've covered most of the more specific ways that you can address issues of lower checks at the end (multiclassing being a major way to do so), but I will note that some of ...
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Are ability scores ever rolled for checks?

Sort of...? It's helpful here to look at what the Core Rulebook has to say about Checks in the most general of terms... Specifically, let's look at Step 1; Identify the modifiers, bonuses, and ...
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Balancing a conflict resolution system favouring players picking a spread of skills and attributes in a challenge, while rewarding some over others?

Model 1 - Traveller task chains: Some inspiration can be drawn from the task chain rules in various Traveller editions, which have some points in common with what you are trying to achieve and how. ...
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