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Passive perception allows you to see things, but that does not equate to seeing the significance of things. Passive investigation allows you to see the significance of things, but does not necessarily mean you see them. Note that the latter could still reveal things you cannot see Example: This desk seems designed strangely. There is no good reason for this ...


Like many skills both of the fluffy and actual it's really up to the DM to make them worthwhile. If you have a "typical" DM they will be nearly pointless, but get a good detail oriented DM and they can add a lot of depth to your character and the world they are in.


The game assumes all official spells are generally known; however, the GM could change this to suit their campaign. There is not a rule that covers this. Since spell casting characters are free to select any spell from the spell lists to learn when they gain the appropriate level, the rules seem to imply that the official spells are all generally known and ...

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