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Do bards have to make sounds to cast spells?

“D&D 5e does not differentiate between fluff and crunch,” they always say. “You need a finger to cast fireball,” they insist. Except when it’s a flameskull. The answers that are going to be the ...
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Do bards have to make sounds to cast spells?

The books note spells with verbal components, and there have been feats in in prior editions that allow silenced spells for stealth spell casting. However, the really interesting question is: How loud ...
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Do bards have to make sounds to cast spells?

No, they can cast the spell quietly if the components allow it What is required to cast a spell is explained on p. 203, PH, under Components: A spell’s components are the physical requirements you ...
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Will making changes to verbal component rules break game balance?

Sort of. As @nobodythehobgoblin points out, there are some balance assumptions that get messed up if your character can cast spells silently: it's harder to notice them casting spells and it's harder ...
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Can a Kenku use verbal spells?

Yes, but they might need to hear it first If we're talking about a kenku PC, both Volo's Guide to Monsters and Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse offer differing racial traits. ...
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Can a Kenku use verbal spells?

Technically yes but virtually impossible without help. Completely disagree with PixelMaster's advice. Part of sticking true to the lore of the world is keeping to the creature's genuine lore. I would ...
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What happens if the black onyx used in an Animate Dead spell isn't expensive enough?

A DM ruling is the only answer we have As far as the official rules go, no one knows; they never said. Here is literally everything the game has to offer on the subject of how material components ...
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