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How does spare the dying ranged ability work exactly?

You need a clear path to the target The Grave Domain cleric allows you to cast spare the dying with a range of 30', instead of as a touch spell and as a bonus action if you want. The ability itself ...
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Can you add enlarge person to the ranger spell list without Sword of the Arcane Order?

There is no good solution, just multiple mediocre ones. Enlarge person is actually remarkably difficult to get on rangers; Sword of the Arcane Order is of course the simplest, but as mentioned, it has ...
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In gridded combat, how many squares/cubes above ground can the caster of Earth Tremor be in order to affect the ground?

The range is 10 feet Range is not changed by grid combat. Wether you use a grid or not, if the spell or effect has a range of 10 feet, it has a range of 10 feet. The only difference with a grid is ...
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Faerzress and other teleportation spells

Most likely not The Teleport spell you quoted states: Generally, you appear in the closest similar place, but since the spell has no range limit, you could conceivably wind up anywhere on the plane. ...
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Does the lightning damage clause of Lightning Lure check the target's distance before or after the creature would fall?

Timing is not relevant here The damage is if the target is within 5ft, it doesn't say ends it's turn within 5ft. As long as it gets within 5ft at any point the damage triggers. There are optional ...
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Does Polymorph Remove Exhaustion?

Exhaustion persists through polymorph Poymorph does replace the creature's game statistics: The target's game statistics, including mental ability scores, are replaced by the statistics of the chosen ...
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If you have resistance and cast Absorb Elements, do you take less damage?

When you have multiple sources of resistance to a particular damage, only one counts. This is confirmed by the rules about Damage Resistance and Vulnerability Multiple instances of resistance or ...
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In gridded combat, how many squares/cubes above ground can the caster of Earth Tremor be in order to affect the ground?

DM's decision There are no explicit rules for verticality as far as I know of. But what we do have: Pure geometry: 5-foot cubes are 5 foot high. The origin of a spell can usually be choosen from the ...
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