A more stats-oriented FATE incarnation that mixes D&D-like abilities with FATE's aspects.

Strands of Fate is a mix of FATE and more traditional, stats-oriented games. It was created by Mike McConnell and differs from other FATE implementations in the following ways (the list is not exhaustive):

  • it offers a character advancement system where your character earns points with which you can buy powers that enhance your character's abilities in more specific ways (like arcane magic, divine miracles, psionic powers, but also more mundane ones).
  • characters of different power levels through the campaign power level, which goes from commoner to superhero class and presets things like refresh and maximum abilities.
  • tech levels to prepare equipment, ranging from Stone Age (0) to Transhumanity (6).
  • premade equipment proposals.
  • vehicular combat rules.
  • large-scale conflict rules.
  • it comes with stats like agility, strength, perception, persuasion, empathy, willpower, which are reminiscent of d20 games.
  • a custom stress tracking system where stress is tracked more like hit points (it comes with suggestions on variants of this).
  • different stress tracks for different conflicts (physical, mental, social, as well as a few optional ones like resources, wealth, mana)

Strands of Fate has a supplement called Strands of Power. Strands of Fate describes everything one needs to play, while Strands of Power offers premade powers and explains, for example, how each of the powers are made.

Strands of Fate is published under the Open Gaming License.