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First, you need to tone down your expectations. There aren't any strikers that are ranged & melee and use weapons & spells and get boatloads of skills (correction: there aren't any that actually do decent damage). But if you're willing to give up the spells part... It sounds like what you want is a ranged rogue. The focus on ranged powers will mean ...


All of your answers can be found in the ranger's handbook. In short, focus on twin-strike spam. Shoot-to-thrill is a level by level build of a ranged ranger by lordduskblade which focuses on making twin strike everything it can be. Pick up a greatbow ,bow expertise, weapon focus, and bracers of archery to complete this supremely boring build.


After some experimenting with the Dungeons and Dragons Character Builder I think I've found what you're looking for. It's not perfect, but I think a Hexblade (player essentials 2) is best suited for your needs. The description given in the character builder is as follows "Roll: striker. You wield a deadly weapon forged with magic, backed by your skills at ...


Luckily for you there are more strikers than classes of any other role. Unluckily, once removed the arcane ones (including gishes like the hexblade), the stealthy kind mostly falls into the rougueish category. All my choices have Dex/Cha builds available, which makes them good at stealth and bluff (take a multiclass/training feat to gain in-class training ...

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