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How many spells does the Magic-User have in their spellbook in S&W Core?

It depends on your Intelligence score (work with your GM) This answer is based on the 4th printing, Swords and Wizardry, Core Rules, 2011. On page 7, the chance to learn a given spell is laid out in a ...
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Is there a formula behind S&W White Box classes?

I'm not familiar with "White Lies Admin Toolkit" but having been there at the genesis and fleshing out of S&W White Box, I can talk about the approach. The idea was to reflect, as closely as ...
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How often can you prepare a new spell in Swords & Wizardry?

The rules do indeed not specify, so you have two approaches: First, recognize that S&W is based off of Dungeons&Dragons, and that in that game, you can only prepare spells after sleeping. I ...
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S&W Treasure Hoard

That's correct! The second case you describe (in which the value of the trade-outs exceeds the total GP value of the hoard) is how a “Major” treasure hoard is randomly determined. In that case, yes, ...
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