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Can Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound be made mobile by casting it on a mobile surface?

It's not clear by the written rules. But it's a reasonable thought. So, as the spell is written it doesn't move at all, which begs the question, what happens if my world is on a moving planet? Will ...
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Do area spells affect friendly creatures?

The spell description explains the spell Area spells would describe what they affect. Some examples include: creatures - meaning every character in the area some subtype of creatures - such as ...
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Is there no way to have a single casting of the Feather Fall spell affect a whole group of people who decide to jump off a cliff during combat?

If I may, a turn is six seconds. While we use initiative to determine who will go when, everything is actually happening in a very short time. Assuming you need feather fall to land safely, you will ...
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