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TVTropes¹ and Wikipedia both class buffing in the "Healer" role. If you want a term specifically for a class that buffs teammates, I suggest... Force Multiplier __ ¹ Warning - your productivity will suffer if you click that link. :-)


They're a subgroup of what Treantmonk refers to as God(s), or the Controller(s) of Reality in their Guide to Playing a Wizard. It's a rather tongue in cheek breakdown of the party roles, but it's got a core of truth to it.


In many MMORPGs I also called them Buffer, but it's my jargon for them. They don't really have a name, but if we really want to give them one the Support would be the best, but actually the Healer is a support type too. So if we want to give the most correct naming I would use some Buffer-Support, because it declares the role and the type too: Buffer-...


There is no specific term "Support" is the closest term, but the meaning of "support" can vary wildly by context. A "support" can refer to "someone who buffs", but in most contexts it doesn't just refer to "someone who buffs", I've even seen it used as a catch-all for "not-DPS". I have seen "buffer" used sporadically in writing, but I've never heard ...


While Support is the most common name—found widely even outside of RPGs, as video games use it frequently as well—it may be worth noting that the official terminology for D&D 4e—the only edition of D&D to officially codify roles like this—is that such classes are “Leaders.” That terminology may be used by D&D 4e players in other systems, even non-...


The term I have heard the most would be Support, as it is their role to assist the other party members. While in a lot of system Healers double as Supports, or Supports double as Healers, they're not the same thing. It highly depends on the system, though. For demonstration of these terms: My next character in an upcoming Pathfinder campaign is a "Rogue ...


A "Dad Move" is a way for DMs to deal with problem players. Let's say you are running a game with a kid playing. He's your friend's son, and his dad is excited to share his hobby with his kid. The thing is, this kid attempts to kill everyone, makes terrible choices on purpose, etc. You can't blame him—he's just a kid who wants to have some fun. However, ...

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