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A Total Party Kill (TPK) is when the whole PC party is killed at once, preventing restoration of the party to life. Often (but not always) considered an undesired failure state to be solved or prevented.

A "Total Party Kill" (TPK) is when the whole PC party is killed at once, preventing the use of resources to restore the party to life and continued adventuring.

A TPK is considered by many an undesirable failure state, as it usually spells the premature end of campaigns built around that specific party of PCs. Techniques and responses have emerged to either avoid TPKs or to solve them after the fact.

In other playstyles, TPKs are considered a normal possible end-state for a party's adventures. Best-practices have emerged for handling things like campaign continuation or social contract failures that TPKs can cause. Player-side strategies for preventing or overcoming TPKs also exist.

This tag is for all all techniques related to and problems caused by TPKs, whether considered undesirable or not, and for both GM-side or player-side issues.

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