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How can I make travel time feel long?

Narrate change/transition While on the seas, narrate storms, sails on the horizon, rations getting padded with fish yet steadily growing leaner. Perhaps the crew growing longer beards, as they only ...
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How far is it from Undermountain to Skullport?

About 500 feet The map in Dungeon of the Mad Mage is almost a direct copy of the mid-East portion of the South section of the Sargauth level map from the AD&D 2e boxed set The Ruins of ...
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Is a Phantom Steed affected by terrain?

Yes it is, but it does not tire The phantom steed can not fly, as it uses the statistics for a riding horse, except it has a speed of 100 feet and can travel 10 miles in an hour A riding horse has ...

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