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Does rage, or any of the barbarian level 3 paths, boost unarmed strikes?

Rage and Path of the Beast, Berserker and Zealot Well, unarmed strikes are considered melee weapon attacks, so rage would boost unarmed damage for any barbarian. Path of the Beast will give you a ...
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Unarmed strike with brass knuckles, gauntlets, or bare fists

As far as gauntlets what he describes is cestus. Which are real weapons designed for pit fighting by the romans. D2+STR because its a puncture weapon, and the damage is less then duel welding the ...
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Can a Way of the Astral Self monk grapple with its Arms of the Astral Self?

I disagree with the approved answer and as this is the first link to show up on google, I think the discussion is still relevant. PHB p195 When you want to grab a creature or wrestle with it, you can ...
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