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What is the maximum number of PC-controlled undead?

544 9th level divine soul sorcerer(or cleric) / 11th level warlock, with access to animate dead from cleric list take a short rest use all your spell slots on animate dead. take another short rest. ...
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Is lifesense a precise sense, or imprecise?

Probably Precise @curious_penguin does have the closest thing to a general rule I know of. However, lifesense gives us several hints it is precise, even in the Aiudara Wraith. First hint is from the ...
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Is lifesense a precise sense, or imprecise?

It probably is a vague sense. Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook has a paragraph on vague senses and at the end of it it says: Pathfinder's rules assume that a given creature has vision as its ...
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