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Is there a Spell or Magic Item that will extend the range of racial Darkvision?

Since Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, you can dip a level of Twilight cleric for a base darkvision range of 300ft, plus the ability to share this with some friends.
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Does the invisibility from the warlock's "One with Shadows" Eldritch Invocation end if the area of darkness you're in becomes lit?

By RAW, there's absolutely nothing that makes lighting a relevant point after the invocation is activated. As clarification, another answer stated that you still roll a Hide check when invisible, but ...
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How do I run combat when an enemy is hidden from the players?

On the Abishai's first turn it will cast darkness heavily obscuring an area from the players, presumably with them inside it. The Abishai will then attempt to stay within the darkness fighting the ...
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