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Does the Leshy Ancestry Feat Grasping Reach reduce Deadly/Fatal damage dice?

Deadly, no Even though Deadly references adding 'weapon dice', is specifically exempt from changing its die size. An ability that changes the size of the weapon's normal damage dice doesn't change ...
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Are there any additional weapons in official sources, other than the PHB?

The full catalogue can be found on D&D Beyond. D&D Beyond has all the available weapons in the equipment section of their site, using this search. These results include the adventure-specific ...
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In Fallout: The Roleplaying Game (2d20 system by Modiphius), is it intended that gun bashing with a missile launcher would have the blast quality?

So I have heard back from Modiphius by one of the designers on their errata forum. The errata forum post says: The only qualities that should be conferred to a gun bash from the weapon’s normal ...
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