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What official source details what an Empire citizen knows of WFRP's monsters?

Yet, the book you are looking for is exactly the Old World Bestiary. For every creature in the book, we are given a few flavor texts written by common folk (Common View), scholars (Scholar's Eye) and ...
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What is this series of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay adventures where the goal of each was to get an elemental gem of power?

You are almost certainly remembering the Doomstones campaign. See the BoardGameGeek page on the Doomstones Campaign for WFRP for more details; the campaign was first published by Flame Publications in ...
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What are the major differences from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st edition to 2nd edition?

The WFRP2 system is close to WFRP1, but better balanced. It still uses a percentile D100 as the basis, character's characteristics are pretty much the same, the career system is still present, etc. ...
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Why is a Bright Lore spell called "Fires of U'Zhul" when U'Zhul is the name of a legendary demon?

Not to put too fine a point on it, magic = chaos. There are too many quotes to try and list them here, but I like 2e's The Nature of Magic (pg 140): As Magisters see it, to use magic is to give ...
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1980's Citadel miniature identification

This probably isn't the proper answer, but on page 23 of the Warhammer FRPG book there's an image of a "Bounty Hunter" that somewhat matches your query. Well, at least enough that I ...
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Is there a common ancestor for the Slaadi and the Slann?

Not as far as I can tell. You seem to already have a source for the Slaadi so I shan't cover that. It seems to be commonly accepted (1, 2, 3) that the Slann were originally created due to an in-joke ...
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How does the Fire Ball spell's damage work?

The 1d10W only applies to one of the targets. Compare to the spell Lightning Bolt: This spell is more powerful version of the Fire Ball spell, allowing the caster to throw bolts of lightning rather ...
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What would be the minimum group size for The Enemy Within?

I've run this campaign a few times and wouldn't even attempt to run it with less than 3 characters and would recommend a minimum of 4 (assume that on some game sessions one person can't make it). The ...
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