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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

For questions about the cleric, a playable deity-bound caster class in a number of RPGs. Clerics may have different restrictions and allowances based on their deity, though these often vary by RPG and…
599 questions
For questions pertaining to entities who have attained "unnatural" life after death (as opposed to "true" life such as via resurrection). An undead character is a character who was dead, and is now an…
563 questions
For questions that are explicitly not restricted to any one particular system or rules, where the asker wants solutions to the question that are not directly tied to a game's mechanics.
555 questions
For questions about the sorcerer, a particular class or type of magic user in many tabletop RPGs. In several editions of Dungeons & Dragons, the sorcerer class typically harnesses some form of innate …
552 questions
For questions about the rogue, a common character class in RPGs that is stealthy and dexterous. Rogues are often capable of finding and disarming many traps and picking locks. Some even have the abili…
544 questions
For questions about targeting, the process by which something is chosen as the origin or recipient of an effect.
539 questions
For questions about races, a term used to delineate creatures encountered in a game world, often but not always sentient. Examples include humans, orcs, green dragons, kzinti, and griffins. (See also:…
536 questions
For questions related to the Forgotten Realms campaign setting of Dungeons & Dragons. It was created by Ed Greenwood and published by TSR in 1979. It is the setting used for most D&D 5th edition adven…
533 questions
For questions about familiars, smaller creatures in RPGs that serve to aid certain spellcasters. They typically lack the combat prowess of an animal companion, but aid a spellcaster in other ways.
520 questions
For questions about conditions suffered by a creature, typically negative and as a result of an enemy's actions during combat.
518 questions
For questions about participants in an RPG who, for whatever reason, contribute to the difficulty of running the game. (See also: the [problem-gm] tag.)
510 questions
For questions about saving throws, often used in RPGs such as D&D to refer to a set of defensive traits based on a character's own ability to avoid the brunt of damage, resist control, endure through …
502 questions
For questions primarily about ability scores (and their associated abilities), mechanical components of a character in all editions of D&D that represent the character's innate attributes: Strength, D…
499 questions
For questions about opportunity attacks in D&D, Pathfinder, and related RPGs. The term "opportunity attack" generally refers to any sort of additional attack that gets triggered by an enemy leaving an…
497 questions
For questions about grappling — wrestling, or engaging in unarmed, nonlethal combat where the goal is often to incapacitate, restrain, or pin rather than kill one's opponent. Some systems may also ref…
479 questions
For questions about the ranger, a class or archetype appearing in a number of different RPGs that has both martial prowess and skills in the wilderness. Rangers may have an animal companion, depending…
478 questions
For questions primarily about racial traits, the quantifiable capabilities or limitations specific to a race or species in tabletop RPGs, such as Dwarves, Orcs, Romulans, etc. (See also: the [races] t…
477 questions
For questions about polymorphing in RPGs, which generally refers to the ability to change a creature or object from one form to another form. This may be done either voluntarily or involuntary.
470 questions
For questions specifically relating to the process of depicting a character in an RPG. Do not use as a general marker for any question.
462 questions
For questions about the process of creating items within the game fiction or mechanics. This may include various types of smithing, alchemy, magic item creation, and other durable or consumable goods,…
453 questions
OFF TOPIC — DO NOT ASK RECOMMENDATION QUESTIONS. (Click “Learn more…” or “info” for details.) This tag exists only for historical reasons.
448 questions
For questions about Wild Shape, the ability of D&D and Pathfinder Druids to turn themselves into a variety of animals. It is a shapeshifting effect that allows Druids to become more in tune with natur…
446 questions
For questions about a fighter class or character archetype that commonly appears in RPGs. The fighter is typically a skilled martial warrior.
442 questions
For questions about the paladin, a "holy warrior" character class or archetype in D&D and related RPGs. Paladins are usually devoted to a deity and/or an oath that guides their actions. Because they g…
422 questions
For questions about cantrips, orisons, and other minor magics.
421 questions
For questions about the limits and ranges of visibility. (See also: the [blind] and [special-senses] tags.)
412 questions
For questions about designing challenging and engaging situations in which player characters come into contact (and often conflict with) NPCs, monsters, or other potential opponents.
407 questions
For questions about healing, the act of restoring life/health to a character.
389 questions
For questions primarily relating to planes in tabletop RPGs. Self-contained universes holding anything from relatively small motes of matter to entire universes, planes are used in some fantasy role-p…
387 questions
For questions inherently about players being new to a specific system or to RPGs in general. This tag is not for just saying "I am a new player": see the full tag wiki for important usage notes.
386 questions
Statistics deals with the mathematics of probability-based games. This tag should be used for questions about tabletop game mathematics that relate to mechanics rather than game elements such as skil…
384 questions
For questions about the components that go into spells, or how they are involved in spellcasting.
381 questions
For questions about psionics, a pseudo-scientific term referring to unnatural mental powers, including telekinesis, psychometry and telepathy.
376 questions
For questions about abilities or effects that modify how magic works or is used.
376 questions
For questions about Unearthed Arcana, Wizards of the Coast's column featuring draft-form, unfinalized new content published for playtesting for D&D 5e.
375 questions
For questions about the bard, a charismatic class involving limited spontaneous casting, the use of songs to buff allies and average chance to hit with weapons. The bard class appears in D&D, Pathfind…
372 questions
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