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For questions about healing, the act of restoring life/health to a character.
282 questions
Self-contained universes holding anything from relatively small motes of matter to entire universes, these are used in some fantasy role-playing games as settings for the players to adventure in. Trav…
279 questions
For questions about the bard, a charismatic class involving limited spontaneous casting, the use of songs to buff allies and average chance to hit with weapons. The bard class appears in D&D, Pathfind…
For questions about character advancement, the process by which a character gains competence upward or laterally.
275 questions
For questions about the physical proportions and applicable size categories of creature dimensions.
For questions relating to armor in RPGs. Armor refers to equipment that is worn on the body with the specific purpose of deflecting or absorbing damage.
for game-participant dynamics including dealing with sensitive topics, managing group composition, and other table-level interactions. For questions dealing with the actual party of charac…
273 questions
For questions about the ability to remain undetected by other creatures, either by skill or special effect. (See also: the [concealment] tag.)
267 questions
For questions primarily about classes in RPGs. A design paradigm common among RPGs, a class is an archetype summing up the abilities and role the character will play as well as binding unique mechanic…
266 questions
For questions concerning D&D Adventurers League rules and play. Adventurers League is an official D&D 5e organised play format.
266 questions
Shadowrun Fifth Edition, by Catalyst Games, is a cyberpunk role-playing game where magic, cybernetics and virtual reality coexist. Player characters are known as shadowrunners. They act in the shadows…
265 questions
For questions about cantrips, orisons, and other minor magics.
The Chronicles of Darkness (1e) games: a series of urban fantasy and horror games released by White Wolf starting in 2004 and later by Onyx Path. Games using the God-Machine Rules Update (aka the Seco…
262 questions
For questions about the components that go into spells, or how they are involved in spellcasting.
For questions about abilities or effects that modify how magic works or is used.
260 questions
For questions primarily centered around ethical and moral alignments in game systems. Please note that questions about "what alignment is [person/act/society X]?" are off-topic due to subjectivity; se…
258 questions
For questions about animal companions - obtaining them, controlling them, their abilities, and their interactions with other rules or mechanics.
251 questions
For questions about using an online or offline tool in preparing or running an RPG. (This tag is not to be used for questions about the use of in-game tools, such as carpenter's tools or a forgery kit…
247 questions
For questions about issues related to the in-game death, or threat/fear of death, of a player's character in an RPG.
238 questions
For questions about Vampire: The Masquerade, White Wolf's breakthrough gothic urban fantasy RPG. The game concerns the secret society of vampires who live among the people of the World of Darkness.
236 questions
The original release of Dungeons & Dragons third edition from 2000, not including the v3.5 revised edition.
236 questions
the official generic implementation of the Fate game engine.
236 questions
covers questions about the the entire history of role-playing games: the history of game companies, trends within the hobby, developments of new kinds of mechanics, and gaming's place in cult…
235 questions
For questions about illusions, effects or manifestations that deceive the senses or minds of others. They cause people to perceive what is not there, miss what is there, or remember things that never …
232 questions
Statistics deals with the mathematics of probability-based games. This tag should be used for questions about tabletop game mathematics that relate to mechanics rather than game elements such as skil…
230 questions
For questions primarily about dice themselves: polyhedral solids used to generate random numbers. In tabletop RPGs, dice are the most common means of introducing chance into the proceedings. Many play…
230 questions
For questions about the barbarian, a character type in fantasy settings usually exemplified by combat prowess, disdain for heavy armor, and a familiarity with wilderness settings. Robert E. Howard's C…
228 questions
Many RPG settings have custom faiths and pantheons; use this tag when your question is primarily about such religions or deities or the worship thereof.
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Second Edition from 1989.
226 questions
For questions about hit points, an abstraction of a health common to many RPGs.
222 questions
For questions about character levels, the numbered steps used in some RPGs to indicate advancement of character capabilities. The higher a character's level is, the more broadly powerful the character…
220 questions
For questions about "sneak attacks", the ability of a hidden character to strike for extra damage. This ability is often applied when attacking from hiding or when the enemy is distracted by other tar…
219 questions
A Fate based system set in Jim Butcher's modern-magic and hardboiled-detective world.
216 questions
for questions pertaining to "experience points" or any other kind of point gained during play and used to "level up" or otherwise permanently increase a character's abilities.
215 questions
For questions about Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (a.k.a. "AD&D", "first edition", or "1e"), written by Gary Gygax and released in three volumes between 1977 and 1979. (For questions about AD&D 2nd edit…
213 questions
For questions about summoning, which refers to the process of bringing an object or creature to the spellcaster via magic to aid them.
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