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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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A Fate based system set in Jim Butcher's modern-magic and hardboiled-detective world.
× 207
The process by which a character gains competence upward or laterally.
× 207
This question involves ethical and moral alignments in game systems.
× 206
The ability to remain undetected by other creatures, either by skill or special effect.
× 206
These questions cover the the entire history of role-playing games: the history of game companies, trends within the hobby, developments of new kinds of mechanics, and gaming's place in culture.
× 205
worn on the body with the specific purpose of deflecting or absorbing damage.
× 204
For questions about healing, the act of restoring life/health to a character.
× 203
A charismatic class involving limited spontaneous casting, the use of songs to buff allies and average chance to hit with weapons. Appears in DnD, Pathfinder and many other tabletop RPGs.
× 201
kept for companionship; a pet.
× 199
For questions concerning D&D Adventurers League rules and play. Adventurers League is an official D&D 5e organised play event.
× 199
Questions about the physical proportions and applicable size categories of creature dimensions.
× 196
A design paradigm common among RPGs, a Class is an archetype summing up the abilities and role the character will play as well as binding unique mechanics together in one package.
× 195
generate random numbers. In tabletop RPGs, dice are the most common means of introducing chance into the proceedings. Many players enjoy collecting dice of varying colors and…
× 194
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Second Edition from 1989.
× 190
Questions about becoming or tutoring a game master (GM). Not for just "I am a new GM": see the full tag wiki for important usage notes.
× 188
Onyx Path's 2nd Edition of what was previously called the New World of Darkness, itself formerly known as “God-Machine Chronicle Rules Update.”
× 187
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (a.k.a. "AD&D", "first edition", "1e") was written by Gary Gygax and released in three volumes between 1977 and 1979.
× 187
Vampire: The Masquerade, White Wolf's breakthrough gothic urban fantasy RPG. The game concerns the secret society of vampires who live among the people of the World of Darkness.
× 187
for questions pertaining to 'experience points' or any other kind of point gained during play and used to 'level up' or otherwise permanently increase a character's abilities.
× 187
Self-contained universes holding anything from relatively small motes of matter to entire universes, these are used in some fantasy role-playing games as settings for the players to adventure in. Trav…
× 186
Published or player-created game worlds in which ongoing adventures take place.
× 186
Issues related to the in-game death, or threat/fear of death, of a player's character in an RPG.
× 185
In combat, attacks with a range beyond that of melee or hand-to-hand attacks. Examples include javelin, bow and arrow, pistol, blaster rifle, and the magic missile spell.
× 180
Questions about the design of RPGs. More specific tags may apply—click “info” or “learn more…” for a guide. Not used for homebrewing subsystems, rules, or house rules questions.
× 179
Questions about the column featuring draft form, unfinalized new content published by Wizards of the Coast for D&D 5e.
× 176
Many RPG settings have custom faiths and pantheons; use this tag when your question is about them.
× 176
Explanations of RPG-specific terminology and jargon.
× 175
The ability of a hidden character to strike for extra damage when attacking from hiding.
× 171
Referring to a character type in fantasy settings usually exemplified by combat prowess, disdain for heavy armor, and a familiarity with wilderness settings. Robert E. Howard's Conan The Barbarian is …
× 169
Quantifiable capabilities or limitations specific to a race, such as Dwarves, Orcs, Romulans, et. al.
× 167
Questions about the limits and ranges of visibility.
× 163
I remember something about a gaming product but not its name... What is it?
× 162
For questions about the components that go into spells, or how they get involved in spellcasting.
× 161
Abilities or effects that modify how magic works or is used.
× 157
Techniques game masters use to prepare for a game session. (For preparing a campaign, use the [campaign-development] tag instead.)
× 156
Translating characters and concepts from one edition of a game to another, or to a different game entirely.