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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

For questions about ranged attacks: attacks in combat with a range beyond that of melee or hand-to-hand attacks. Examples include those made with javelins, bow and arrow, pistols, blaster rifles, or r…
370 questions
For questions relating to armor in RPGs. Armor refers to equipment that is worn on the body with the specific purpose of deflecting or absorbing damage.
368 questions
For questions about the physical proportions and applicable size categories of creature dimensions.
363 questions
For questions about NPCs (non-player characters). NPC refers to any character in an RPG whose decisions and actions are handled by the game master (or a designated assistant) rather than by a player.
360 questions
For questions about powers, which generally refer to discrete abilities of a character, typically but not always associated with combat.
359 questions
For questions about the ability to remain undetected by other creatures, either by skill or special effect. (See also: the [concealment] tag.)
359 questions
In D&D 3.0 and related editions, a prestige class is a class that a player can take in addition to their starting class, to expand the options their character has or to specialize in certain aspects o…
345 questions
For questions about the Fate RPG. If you're asking about a specific game publication that uses Fate for its engine, please include that system's tag also/instead.
335 questions
Dungeon World is a heroic fantasy game mixing old school aesthetics and cutting edge game design based on the Apocalypse World system. In Dungeon World the narrative always drives the mechanics allowi…
329 questions
For questions about character advancement, the process by which a character gains competence upward or laterally.
328 questions
Savage Worlds is a generic RPG from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The core values of the system are explicitly stated as "Fast! Furious! and Fun!"
327 questions
For questions about the artificer, a spellcasting class in several editions of Dungeons & Dragons and related RPGs that focuses on the creation, maintenance, and enhancement of magic items. (See also …
327 questions
For questions about writing, managing, and expanding campaigns.
326 questions
For questions about whether multiple effects stack on the same target.
324 questions
For questions primarily about classes in RPGs. A design paradigm common among RPGs, a class is an archetype summing up the abilities and role the character will play as well as binding unique mechanic…
321 questions
For questions about hit points, an abstraction of a character's health, used in many role-playing games. (See also: the [temporary-hit-points] and [hit-dice] tags.)
321 questions
For questions on game-participant dynamics including dealing with sensitive topics, managing group composition, and other table-level interactions. For questions dealing with the actual party of chara…
320 questions
For questions about the barbarian, a character type in fantasy settings usually exemplified by combat prowess, disdain for heavy armor, and a familiarity with wilderness settings. Robert E. Howard's C…
318 questions
For questions about the entire history of role-playing games: the history of game companies, trends within the hobby, developments of new kinds of mechanics, and gaming's place in culture.
315 questions
For questions about issues related to the in-game death, or threat/fear of death, of a player's character in an RPG.
315 questions
For questions about religions and deities in tabletop role-playing games, usually when relating to custom faiths and pantheons within a campaign setting or the worship thereof. (See also: the [divine]…
306 questions
For questions primarily about dice themselves: polyhedral solids used to generate random numbers. In tabletop RPGs, dice are the most common means of introducing chance into the proceedings. Many play…
306 questions
For questions about animal companions - obtaining them, controlling them, their abilities, and their interactions with other rules or mechanics.
298 questions
For questions about summoning, which refers to the process of bringing an object or creature to the spellcaster via magic to aid them.
297 questions
For questions about illusions, effects or manifestations that deceive the senses or minds of others. They cause people to perceive what is not there, miss what is there, or remember things that never …
294 questions
Shadowrun Fifth Edition, by Catalyst Games, is a cyberpunk role-playing game where magic, cybernetics and virtual reality coexist. Player characters are known as shadowrunners. They act in the shadows…
293 questions
For questions concerning D&D Adventurers League rules and play. Adventurers League is an official D&D 5e organised play format.
289 questions
For questions primarily centered around ethical and moral alignments in game systems. Please note that questions about "what alignment is [person/act/society X]?" are off-topic due to subjectivity; se…
282 questions
For questions about invisibility. Invisibility is more than transparency; it can potentially make something impossible to detect through any means. Questions about how it works, when to use it, and wh…
282 questions
For questions about "sneak attacks", the ability of a hidden character to strike for extra damage. This ability is often applied when attacking from hiding or when the enemy is distracted by other tar…
280 questions
For questions about a character's proficiencies. Broadly, proficiency refers to the ability to use a specific skill or piece of gear without taking penalties for not knowing what you're doing.
279 questions
For games from the The Chronicles of Darkness first edition line, formerly known as 'The New World of Darkness'. They are a series of urban fantasy and horror games released by White Wolf starting in …
278 questions
For questions about character levels, the numbered steps used in some RPGs to indicate advancement of character capabilities. The higher a character's level is, the more broadly powerful the character…
277 questions
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Second Edition from 1989.
275 questions
For questions about identifying a game product (sourcebooks, published adventures, and even entire systems) based on remembered details of the product or of specific content within it. (For identifyin…
275 questions
The advantage/disadvantage mechanic is a mechanic in 5th edition D&D that replaces most numerical bonuses and penalties with rolling twice and taking the higher or lower value.
274 questions
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