A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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For questions about natural weapons. A natural weapon generally refers to any natural innate appendage or orifice that can be used to attack with. Creatures with natural weapons do not require a weapo…
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For questions about concentration mechanics in various RPGs.
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For questions related to determining the value or cost of a good or service in-game.
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for questions relating to devices designed primarily to unpleasantly surprise and generally damage antagonists.
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For questions about designing and writing adventures, for personal use or publication.
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For questions related to powers or abilities which can move other creatures without their consent.
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For questions pertaining to different types of damage in an RPG system, i.e. fire, lightning, psychic, cold, etc.
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For questions about the alchemist, a class or character focused on the use of alchemy, typically to create magical or quasi-magical potions.
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For questions about "Tome of Battle", an expansion book for D&D 3.5e which introduces the concept of martial maneuvers to give martial characters extra options in combat.
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For questions about animals, creatures that exist in the game world and are generally regarded as more commonplace or mundane than monsters.
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a near-future game (Set in 2050-2075) in the cyberpunk genre, but with magic and fantasy races.
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The art/magic of raising the dead to fight again in a limbo of undeath.
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For questions about poisons in RPGs and how they work within a particular ruleset.
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For questions about rests, a short period of in-game downtime meant to be a period of recovery, regaining health and resources as appropriate.
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For questions about maps used for visualising a battlefield during combat, often with grids and used in combination with miniatures or tiles. Not to be confused with the [maps] tag, which is for maps …
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For questions about a character's background (also called backstory or character history), the origin of a character before they are created and appear in play. Backgrounds are usually most relevant t…
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Sometimes you just don't get along with your GM. Many questions about problematic Game Masters can be answered just by making sure everyone is playing the same game on the same page. See http://rpg.st…
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For questions regarding role-playing via play-by-post or play-by-chat protocols, or realtime through internet-based tools like Roll20, Skype, or OpenRPG.
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For questions comparing different editions of the same system.
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For questions about the scope or function of an immunity to something within an RPG system. Generally, an immunity is a defensive ability that protects completely against a certain kind of harmful or …
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For questions about topics concerning using, managing, or separating player knowledge and character knowledge.
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For questions primarily about characters. A character is being controlled in the game either by a player (player character) or the gamemaster (non-player character).
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A type of magic user or spellcaster in various systems, or a Pathfinder martial/spellcaster class. Use this when the thing you're asking about in your game system is called a Magus.
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For questions about encounters, a broad term used to describe when the player characters meet with a group of NPCs. They can range from hostile to friendly, randomized to story-driven.
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a character class for Pathfinder described in the Advanced Player's Guide. Summoners are arcane spellcasters focused on conjuration magic, and have the ability to summon a special crea…
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the third edition of Green Ronin's Mutants & Masterminds superhero roleplaying game. M&M 3E is the ruleset behind the DC Adventures roleplaying game. M&M 3E is based on a heavily-modified …
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For questions about composition or interplay of a character party in-game. For questions about interactions between the players at the table instead, use the [group-dynamics] tag.
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For questions about reach, a mechanical concept in many role-playing games that determines the distance from which a creature can make melee attacks based on its size, the nature of the attack, and th…
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Ritual magic surfaces in many games, and generally involves spells requiring significant investment of time, money, and preparation, and careful methodical execution, often by a group.
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a campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.
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For questions about AnyDice.com, a dice probability calculator that offers probability curves for defined rolls, along with a function library for more complex calculations.
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For questions relating to the creation and distribution of gaming-related materials, whether digitally or in print.
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In combat, an element in the environment that provides a measure of protection against incoming attacks.
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the concept of rules that are essential to the game, and optional but official rules that can be used if desired.
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For questions about improvised weapons, referring to atypical non-weapon items wielded as if they were weapons of similar size.
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a supernatural game for the Chronicles of Darkness (formerly known as 'new' World of Darkness), with God Machine Rules Update. It focuses on Demons, the fallen Angels o…