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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

For questions about the techniques that game masters use to prepare for a game session. (For preparing a campaign, use the [campaign-development] tag instead.)
201 questions
For questions about the scope or function of an immunity to something within an RPG system. Generally, an immunity is a defensive ability that protects completely against a certain kind of harmful or …
200 questions
For questions specifically about problems inherent to becoming or tutoring a game master (GM). This tag is not for just saying "I am a new GM": see the full tag wiki for important usage notes.
198 questions
For questions pertaining to different types of damage in an RPG system, i.e. fire, lightning, psychic, cold, etc.
196 questions
For questions about combat involving a rider mounted on another creature, such as a horse or other riding animal.
196 questions
For questions related to powers or abilities which can move other creatures without their consent.
188 questions
For questions about game books - such as rules, adventures, and related materials - that are published in print or digital form, and are not periodicals or websites. (If the question is about in-game …
182 questions
M&M 3E is the third edition of Green Ronin's Mutants & Masterminds superhero roleplaying game. M&M 3E is the ruleset behind the DC Adventures roleplaying game. M&M 3E is based on a heavily-modified …
180 questions
For questions about the sequence of events that take place in the fictional environment within a roleplaying game.
175 questions
For questions about rests, a short period of in-game downtime meant to be a period of recovery, regaining health and resources as appropriate.
174 questions
For questions related to determining the value or cost of a good or service in-game.
173 questions
For questions about poisons in RPGs and how they work within a particular ruleset.
170 questions
For questions comparing different editions of the same system.
168 questions
For questions about eldritch invocations, a feature specific to the warlock class in Dungeons & Dragons that grants the character access to additional spellcasting options and other magical abilities.…
162 questions
For questions about objects in role-playing games, as opposed to living entities, and about how they can be interacted with.
162 questions
For questions about animals, creatures that exist in the game world and are generally regarded as more commonplace or mundane than monsters.
162 questions
For questions about natural weapons. A natural weapon generally refers to any natural innate appendage or orifice that can be used to attack with. Creatures with natural weapons do not require a weapo…
162 questions
For questions about attack rolls, a randomized event (usually performed with dice) that determines whether one character can strike another character or entity.
161 questions
For questions about maps used for visualising a battlefield during combat, often with grids and used in combination with miniatures or tiles. Not to be confused with the [maps] tag, which is for maps …
159 questions
For questions about mechanics for physically falling over a vertical distance (and directly related issues) in a given RPG system.
158 questions
For questions about reach, a mechanical concept in many role-playing games that determines the distance from which a creature can make melee attacks based on its size, the nature of the attack, and th…
158 questions
For questions about world-building, the process of creating a complete, coherent and convincing world to use as a setting for RPG adventures.
157 questions
For questions primarily about cover, an element in the environment that provides a measure of protection against incoming attacks.
155 questions
For questions about the persistence and/or length of effects.
155 questions
For questions about concepts in tabletop role-playing games that are referred to as "wishes". This typically refers to genie-style magic wishes that can be used by player characters or NPCs.
153 questions
For questions about optional rules in RPGs. In many RPGs, there is the concept of rules that are essential to the game, and optional but official rules that can be used if desired. Optional rules can …
153 questions
For questions about Eberron, a D&D campaign setting originally created by Keith Baker. It was originally chosen as the winning entry (out of over 11,000) in Wizards of the Coast's Fantasy Setting Sear…
149 questions
For questions about touch attacks and similar concepts in RPGs. Touch attacks are often used for actions that require merely touching a target, often ignoring the target's armor.
146 questions
For questions centering around the "action economy", a meta-game term for the inherent limits on the number of things a character can do in a single turn.
144 questions
For questions about a character's background (also called backstory or character history), the origin of a character before they are created and appear in play. Backgrounds are usually most relevant t…
144 questions
For questions primarily about necromancy in RPGs, the art/magic of raising the dead to fight again in a limbo of undeath. (For questions about undead themselves, use the [undead] tag.)
143 questions
For questions about situations in which the game master, for whatever reason, contributes to the difficulty of play. Sometimes you just don't get along with your GM. Many questions about problematic G…
143 questions
For questions about identifying game content (abilities, features, classes or other specific game content) based on remembered or presumed details of the content. (For identifying a product instead, u…
142 questions
Shadowrun Fourth Edition, by Catalyst Games, is a cyberpunk role-playing game where magic, cybernetics and virtual reality coexist. Player characters are known as shadowrunners. They act in the shadow…
139 questions
For questions about vehicles in RPGs: devices for carrying/transporting objects and/or people.
135 questions
For questions about "Curse of Strahd" (2016), a D&D 5e adventure published by Wizards of the Coast. The adventure is set in Ravenloft, and ultimately pits the party against the vampire Count Strahd vo…
134 questions
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