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Aurélien Thieriot
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Looking back on 12 years of experience, discovery and coding adventures with a smile. I have grown from a junior technician to a full-fledge engineer who learned to take the time to write just the right amount of clean code. Fitting well within a team (but doing just fine on my own), I like a good talk, to exchange of opinions and to share advice.

I love Open Source, Functional Programming, I feel uneasy when unit tests are missing and I have this special ability to always remember why a feature has been written in the first place. I believe that self-organised teams are the best and that leaders should be more mentors than managers.

You will find me good with tooling and curious about every part of an application, server side as well as front end and system automation, no matter the challenge.

I am currently looking for contracting positions in Cardiff or Remote jobs all over the world.

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