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35 votes

What would the effect of removing death saves and just having characters die at 0HP be?

23 votes

Is it possible to interrupt spellcasting?

15 votes

Why does Sleep have an effective radius of only 20 feet but a range of 90 feet?

14 votes

Can the sleep spell wake me up?

12 votes

If a spellcaster moves toward an enemy and touches them to make a spell attack, then moves away, does it provoke an opportunity attack?

9 votes

Can the monk's Stunning Strike feature be used with Martial Arts?

9 votes

Is it normal for a 2nd/3rd-level party to face a sub-boss that has AC 20?

5 votes

Does the damage from unarmed strikes bypass non-magical/silvered/adamantine weapon resistance and immunity?

4 votes

Can you be cursed with multiple types of lycanthropy?

3 votes

Feat planning breakdown for Half - Orc fighter. balance of damage and AC tank for Sword and Board Champion Fighter

2 votes

How do I keep the game moving without undermining player agency?

2 votes

What's the point of the disarm action?