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Alternatives to D&D and Pathfinder
Accepted answer
7 votes

Our group has used Savage Worlds for some time. It has a simple character creation process, and has a lot of game settings to pick from, or you can roll your own. There is a test drive PDF, so you can ...

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How do group Stealth rolls work?
5 votes

I would do this one of two ways, if the party is approacing from different directions, then do the rolls indivually, but if they are approaching as a group, I would probably bend the rules a bit, as ...

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What ebook readers work well with roleplaying PDF?
2 votes

I've use Sony Readers, and Table PC's but none have really worked the way I want, to slow / to small, I am going to try a HP TouchPad, when mine arrives, as its the same form factor as the iPad, but I'...

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Character Sheets paper or plastic?
1 votes

Over the years, i've writen a few computer programs to do manager my characters. At the moment for one of my games I use a character stored in Google Docs, which is shared with the ref, which just get'...

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What to do when a player loses or forgets their character sheet?
-2 votes

Our group keeps the master copies of the characters' sheets on a wiki, so they can be referenced / updated as needed, the players are then responible for bringing or accessing these for the sessions. ...

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