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27 votes

Can the Shield spell be used against Shocking Grasp?

16 votes

Can my 2nd spell used with quickened spell not be a cantrip?

15 votes

Can I cast Bestow Curse twice at greater than 5th level on the same creature?

14 votes

How much weight can the standard 50' rope hold?

12 votes

Does the Ghostwise Halfling Silent Speech allow two-way communication?

10 votes

Does the saving throw for a Solar's Slaying Longbow occur before or after the damage roll?

8 votes

What possible issues should a DM keep in mind when including spells from SCAG and EE?

6 votes

What happens if a creature is killed between its attack and damage rolls

5 votes

Can I squish people with a wall of force?

5 votes

Is it possible for a Druid to defeat a Wizard?

5 votes

Tortle Monk's Natural Armor and Unarmored Defense

4 votes

Should I use a d4 for unarmed strikes?

3 votes

What is "metal armor"?

2 votes

Is there a safe way to determine how powerful an opponent is?

1 vote

Maximum possible Attack Roll bonus?

0 votes

Melee attack while hiding?

0 votes

When a creature with non-magical flying speed is knocked prone and falls, how do I determine the falling damage?

-2 votes

What class features work does a Runechild's Essence Runes feature apply to?

-2 votes

Do parties with rangers dispense with navigation checks while in their favored terrain in Tomb of Annihilation?