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19 votes

Should "resistance to damage from non-magical weapons" continue to affect monster CR once the party has magical weapons?

18 votes

Can monsters with multiattack take grapple and shove actions?

12 votes

How do I keep spellcasters from casting while in jail?

11 votes

It seems like every skill check should always be made with advantage due to the 'Working Together' rules. Is this accurate?

8 votes

How do I make an unwinnable fight fun?

8 votes

Does a caster under the effect of a True Polymorph spell retain their class levels?

7 votes

What's the best way to kill a character in a way that is memorable, and treated with respect by players?

6 votes

How to make combat more tactical?

5 votes

I can't seem to kill my party, help?

4 votes

How can I get around the drow's light sensitivity?

2 votes

When to allow long or short rests?

2 votes

Where can I find A0 or A1 sized maps

1 vote

Rules lawyers and how to deal with them

1 vote

When are Opportunity Attacks provoked while holding a reach and a non-reach weapon?