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50 votes

How to handle inventory and story of a player leaving

24 votes

How many copper coins fit inside a cubic foot?

8 votes

Will it cause problems in a campaign if everyone in the party has the same high stats and the same low stats?

6 votes

How can I handle a player who pre-plans arguments about my rulings on RAW?

5 votes

How can I make a smart character act smart without prohibiting less intelligent characters from participating as well?

4 votes

How can I get an uninterested group of players to listen to me, or focus on the game in general?

4 votes

Encouraging piety in classes besides Paladin/Cleric

4 votes

How to deal with players who take up most of the time by doing solo actions?

2 votes

How can I handle players killing my NPC outside of combat?

1 vote

Handling the Scenario After Wild Player Financial Success

0 votes

Should I allow my players to change their characters in the middle of my campaign?

-1 votes

What's the best way to make time spent travelling more interesting?