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-2 votes

Can Monks Use Dex to grapple and shove under the One D&D Character Origins UA?

22 votes

How can I give my players more short rests without breaking immersion?

3 votes

Does Freedom of Movement allow movement while melded into stone?

-4 votes

Does a Staff of the Magi Fireball penetrate Globe of Invulnerability?

10 votes

Is there anything preventing a familiar from Readying a Help action?

11 votes

Is there any mechanical support for aarakocra flying continuously for days?

1 vote

Is there a way to replicate the effects of 5e's Teleportation Circle spell in 3.5e?

13 votes

Can you stand from prone if your speed is 5 and you have no movement remaining?

5 votes

What counts as "any addition or subtraction to the damage" for damage immunity?

28 votes

If I cast the Sleep spell and there are multiple creatures with an equal (lowest) number of hit points in the area, which creature falls asleep?

3 votes

Accidentally let party wander into a high level situation, how do I help them get out without cheesing?

10 votes

Using the Four Elements monk's Water Whip elemental discipline to pull a restrained creature

5 votes

Can the Freedom of Movement spell prevent a Gibbering Mouther's Aberrant Ground trait from reducing a creature's speed to 0 on a failed save?

5 votes

Is a creature's bonus action available while affected by Turn Undead?

2 votes

Is there a low-level way for one player character to prevent another from finishing a long rest?

-3 votes

Is it possible to cast spells underwater if I am amphibious?

5 votes

What are the uses and limitations of Persuasion, Insight, and Deception against other PCs?

46 votes

Does the spell "Silence" affect the caster?

10 votes

What is the difference between Simple and Martial weapons?

21 votes

Does a "melee spell attack" use my spellcasting ability, or my Strength?

0 votes

Does the yuan-ti action option Polymorph into Snake require concentration? What is its duration?

16 votes

How does the spell Remove Curse interact with a Sword of Vengeance?

10 votes

Can a non-magical "Detect Magic"-type trait sense magic when used within an Antimagic Field?

58 votes

When exactly can a caster stop concentrating on a spell?

45 votes

Can you cast a bonus-action spell, then Ready a leveled spell on the same turn?

18 votes

Can I resurrect a corpse that was previously animated as undead?

24 votes

Does someone who fails against Dissonant Whispers on their turn waste their movement for that turn?

11 votes

Does the Stinking Cloud spell not cause a creature affected by the Sleep spell to wake up?

2 votes

How many enemies will challenge my party of four 1st-level characters, but not result in certain death?

6 votes

How to make the game exciting for someone playing a child character?

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