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14 votes

How many rounds does the average combat encounter last?

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Can a D&D god lie to his cleric?

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How can I balance the power of loot between player characters?

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How do I deal with two players who dislike each other and disrupt the game?

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As a group unfamiliar with RPGs, how do I encourage my players to read the rulebook?

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How to deal with anti-authoritarian player characters?

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What effect does reducing a Spelljamming Vessel to 0 hp have?

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Can the DM choose to always attack me instead of my mount?

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In-game reason for no multiple supernatural templates in nWoD

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What would be the minimum human population to sustain a single vampire indefinitely?

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What do I do with a dissonant player?

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Which D&D spells are most likely to encourage creative role-playing?

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Does the Paladin's Code apply to evil foes, such as demons?

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Can a Dragon really also be Half-Dragon?

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My DM asked me to stop roleplaying hostility toward another PC, but it fits my character