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43 votes

What's the name of cardboard wall DMs use to hide their part of table?

19 votes

What would change if Initiative wasn't rolled?

18 votes

Does the Dueling damage bonus not apply to Two-Handed Weapons?

9 votes

How can I get a more powerful animal companion than my druid level entitles me to?

8 votes

Can my Dragonborn Druid use their breath weapon in wild shape?

7 votes

Is dropping a weapon "free", in terms of action cost?

6 votes

Multiple Attacks with a Two-Handed Weapon and Off-Hand Spells

4 votes

Other feats that add CHA to saves like Steadfast Personality?

2 votes

How does casting a cantrip work? Is it different than casting a regular spell?

2 votes

When to kick out frequently absent and disruptive players?

1 vote

Underground Chemist Rogue Archetype: Is Sneak Attack damage amplified by Energy Vulnerability?

1 vote

Will zone of truth affect the dead?

0 votes

How do I design a campaign about stealing?