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Do/did any major RPGs have "hidden rules" or "spells that do things other than what they say"?

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What are the major differences between D&D 3.0 and D&D 3.5?

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How to deal with players who like to use the local authorities to solve their problems

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What can I include in my character's background to help the GM build a better story?

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What are the notable differences between Paranoia XP and Paranoia Troubleshooters?

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How do you deal with a player that's determined to play the game in a way that is detrimental to the advancement of the story?

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Systems similar to D&D 3.5

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Overpowered PCs (Gabe's Dilemma)

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Is there a method for sliding seamlessly from one system into another during a campaign?

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Need for a new template for Dresden Files RPG

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How can a beginner GM deal with multitude of charms in Exalted?

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How do you optimize in 1st Edition AD&D?

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How many sessions is enough to judge a game fairly?

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RPG designed for irregular players/gaming?

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How to get a new group into the spirit of the game Paranoia?