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37 votes

If you're concentrating on one spell, and you cast another concentration spell, when exactly does the first spell end?

20 votes

Does a Dragon's Wing Attack movement provoke Attacks of Opportunity?

13 votes

Do scimitars and rapiers count as swords for the magic items in the 5E DMG?

11 votes

Is it possible to cast multiple spells per turn?

10 votes

How do the Proficiency Dice optional rules interact with Passive Perception?

3 votes

Can a blind character benefit from gaining Truesight?

2 votes

Who gets hit by a melee attack when you have the Mounted Combatant feat and the Sanctuary spell is active on you?

2 votes

Can a druid get out of wild shape to avoid an opportunity attack?

1 vote

Is my homebrew lower-powered Lich's CR calculated correctly?

0 votes

How can Silent Image be used to obscure vision in combat in 5E?

-1 votes

Player cheating to keep their character alive