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3 votes

What should I do if my character is deeply related to a villain that they are loyal to (the villain has recently revealed themselves)?

-2 votes

How do I run a campaign that only goes to 6th level, and want to go to 20th level?

-1 votes

I'm new to D&D: where to begin?

4 votes

How can I get reach for touch spells without spending an action per spell?

6 votes

How to stop myself from interrupting the session to correct the DM's mistakes?

10 votes

How can you make character creation simpler?

4 votes

How do role-playing games avoid lame duck scenarios?

4 votes

How can I let my PCs create new spells in a balanced and fair way?

4 votes

How do I get a planar traveling party to use survival/spell slots for food/drink instead of an artificer's Replicate Magic Item infusion?

5 votes

Can any PC in the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist adventure join the Lords' Alliance after this event?

4 votes

What Good-aligned wizarding factions are there?

12 votes

How to make a Nightcrawler-esque NPC villain for my players?

4 votes

What to do about PC rerolling for great stats?

-3 votes

Dealing with (supposedly) in-character bullying

0 votes

Is it gamebreaking to allow social responses to consume reaction?

0 votes

Why are Shoanti so similar to Native Americans given that Varisia is a northern nation?

2 votes

How can I best implement a recurring villain when the players are not opposed to killing?

10 votes

How can I convince players not to offload a seemingly useless weapon?