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What is the difference between an Arcane Focus and a Component Pouch?
3 votes

Mechanically, not much of a difference. As you've said, for any material component without a cost, a Focus can substitute. The only mechanical difference is that a component pouch costs twice as much ...

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Odds for dice pool with exploding dice
2 votes

I took a crack at it in Python (I know it's not anydice. Whatever.). Turns out, even if we exclude exploded ones from counting towards the fumble, fumbles are still WAY too common in any reasonably-...

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What's the point of requiring specific inexpensive material components?
4 votes

As others have said, many components have a pun or joke (Illusions require fleece - you're pulling the wool over your targets' eyes!) for one, flavor and worldbuilding is another, and general spell ...

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Do removed parts of a Druid's Wild Shape form persist after said Druid exits Wild Shape?
0 votes

Yes, at the cost of the form's feathers. I'd say to treat the Wild Shapes as semi-seperate creatures. So, when the Druid transforms into a bird, your ranger plucks the bird's feathers. The druid ...

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