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Using handouts in non-latin fonts
3 votes

A disclaimer: My group does not play with props, so I am not able to back this suggestion up with experience at the table. However, this is an approach used widely in real life and that I have ...

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Improving “fumbles” when using pools dice in TROS, part 2
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1 votes

If the goal is to keep having fewer dice from being advantageous for avoiding fumbles, this change mostly succeeds. The pessimal pool size (fumble-wise) under the original mechanics ranges from three ...

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How does the "Descriptive Damage" hack affect Dungeon World?
18 votes

So, after this question pointed me at that hack, I convinced the group I GM for to try out a campaign with Descriptive Damage. I'll describe our experiences so far, though they should be taken with ...

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How do I create appealing cursed magical items?
7 votes

I've not tried this in Pathfinder, but below is the recipe I use when I want to make an out-of-the-ordinary cursed item: Select, at random, a generic type for the item. Identify the primary use of ...

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How can I GM for more tactically-minded players?
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19 votes

The least tactical conflict possible is one that presents a single goal and affords essentially only one route to reach that goal. For instance, imagine that the big bad the townsfolk have hired the ...

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