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59 votes

What is a "spellcaster" for the purpose of magic item attunement?

21 votes

Do multiple instances of the Extra Attack feature stack?

20 votes

When a Battle Master fighter gets a critical hit and uses a maneuver that adds a superiority die to the damage, is that damage die doubled?

14 votes

Do you need to be able to see the Mage Hand to use it?

8 votes

Can a Black Dragon Hatchling be raised to be good? Or is it inherently evil?

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When should I have an NPC actively investigate an illusion created by the Phantasmal Force spell?

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Can I be a follower of an evil god and not be evil?

1 vote

Can a character with two warring personalities have two alignments?

1 vote

Regarding Suggestion, does "obviously harmful" include financial/economic ruin, or only only physical detriment?

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How can DMs effectively telegraph specific dangers in D&D?