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I am not committed to rpg.stackexchange.com Heh, I DO feel somewhat positive about it, but giving it more than that and putting effort into it? Nope. And that's why: to produce a piece of art - something useful, engaging, thought-provoking, you need the fire inside, the passion. Current interpretation of rules that are used by moderators for a few times already killed that fire when I had one. It happened often and I see a system and reason in that - root of problem is there are some rules and interpretations of those rules that I'm passionately not agreed with. So, a compromise: sometimes rpg.stackexchange.com is useful for info about RPG, I'll give it that. I visit, I use it for my benefit, maybe give something back when it's convenient, try to be polite because that's, you know, polite. But nothing more. To put my heart into - there are other places.

Mercenary style of looking at things, not a loyal, reliable follower.

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