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71 votes

Which item gets your soul first, Blackrazor or a Ring of Mind Shielding?

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How much health will a Life Domain cleric regain from the Blessed Healer feature using the Mass Healing Word spell?

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How to decide if an effect is magical for Magic Resistance?

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Can I use Shield Spell to protect me from other attacks than just physicals and magic missiles?

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Does Channel Divinity / Turn Undead break sanctuary?

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How many saves do you roll vs. the Zone of Truth spell?

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Can I use an Arcane Focus used as a Quarterstaff as my Pact Weapon?

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SRD summary translation legal?

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Does an internal Wall of Force limit the Tarrasque?

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How would taking an opportunity attack in your turn affect your intended actions and bonus actions?

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What counts as an interruption for Primeval Awareness?

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How does the timing on Augury work?

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What is the highest level instantaneous spell requiring an attack roll?

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How many enemies can I hit with a Cloud of Daggers?