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How to play with friends who don't want to read the rules?

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Troublesome player that I can't convince to change and can't exclude from group

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When to kick out frequently absent and disruptive players?

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I think our Two Weapon Fighting house rule is hurting our game, but the DM thinks taking it away would be unfair. How do I convince him?

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Does the penalty to movement speed while grappling stack if you grapple two opponents?

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Can a spellcaster anticipate that the duration of a spell he's concentrating on is about to end?

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Making aging relevant: How can I translate premature aging into a mechanical effect?

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How can cliffhangers use skills instead of approaches?

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How to make a dragonborn sorcerer appear to be human for 8 to 16 hours?

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What is the impact of longer than usual Stress Tracks?

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How can I keep players, whose characters are unconscious, entertained?

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How and why does Vecna's curse transform wizards into Nothics?

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DFRPG city creation via telepresence

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How can I let a wild and reckless character shine?

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What does "modern day equivalent" mean for income in Savage Worlds?

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What is the point of applying shield spikes to a one-handed weapon?

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How long do you fall at the end of your turn?

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Can you shove your way out of a grapple?

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Is concealed difficulty an integral part of the cliffhanger scene form?